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Got a message on youtube from "n2motocross". The ones in bold are his. He's going down ^^

"Well congratulations of working toward your computer degree offered from The Univ. of Phoenix Online."

I'd probably be a little offended if you didn't have 'motocross' in your name. That just screams "White Trash Alert" right there.

"Liberalism is a mental disorder:"

An entire political stance is a mental disorder? The AMA disagrees with you. There is no documented evidence of liberalism being a mental defect; not only does it sound as stupid as "Conservativism gives you schitzophrenia" but it also makes you sound utterly paranoid for saying it. I'm starting to think your parents were generous enough to give you an extra chromosome when you were a zygote. And no, extra chromosomes don't make you any better at all. Go read a book.

Okay, so what do we "mentally unfit" lib'ruls support?

"Ripping babies from the womb ie: partial birth abortion."

Holy assumption, batman. Not all of us as a collective support third (or even second) trimester abortions. I support abortion when it's say... 150-150,000 cells. Less than the amount of snot currently up your nose. Less than the spec of earwax you just scraped out of your ear. It's nothing. You can barely see it. I don't like the idea of late abortions. As for the pro abortion argument, some people aren't ready for it: say for example, the recent report of a girl in Romania who was raped at age 11 and impregnated by her rapist. How can she care for a baby, let alone herself? How do you expect her to endure the sheer pain of childbirth? And don't crap on about how childbirth is a) nothing or b) a curse from God because of the original sin (*snort*), because it's like squeezing a watermelon through a straw. It hurts like hell. If I had a child who was 11 years of age, I would let her do what she wanted with the child. If she wanted to abort, that's her choice. Not yours. (Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1029513/Romanian-rape-victim-11-allowed-abortion-country-government-rules.html)

Also, if you completely abandon abortion, what about women with ectopic pregnancies? If they can't have emergency surgery to remove the baby, both the baby and the mother will die. Have you no respect for life that currently lives? Yes, I agree that if you're married or in a long term relationship with someone and the woman falls pregnant, I think it's kinda wrong if she went and quietly got it aborted. Wrong on the part of the husband/boyfriend, since he didn't get a say in the matter. However, I think it's wrong for you to assume that if the choice was open, ALL women would do it. I also think it's wrong to force women to have babies they can't raise.

"Animal rights....... but no rights for the unborn."

So... okay, we shouldn't have rights for animals, but rights for a cluster of cells? Animals are living creatures who display feelings. They are often intelligent, contribute to entire ecosystems and, if it's in the case of a pet or some such, they make for absolutely awesome friends. Have you ever had a pet dog, cat, rodent or bird? You'd probably agree with me on that one. A group of cells sitting in the uterus cannot display emotion, sits dormant in a uterus and is unintelligent, apart from the whole self-replicating thing, which is a natural cause. Animals should get some rights so that they're damn well protected from all the Joe-Bob's out there being trigger happy with endangered animals.

"Homosexual marriage. I guess you don't know what happened to Rome."

Let's see...

"There are adherents to single factors, but more people think Rome fell because of a combination of such factors as Christianity, decadence, lead, monetary trouble, and military problems. Even the rise of Islam is proposed as the reason for Rome's fall, by some who think the Fall of Rome happened at Constantinople in the 15th Century."


I don't see anything about liberalism there. In fact, isn't your fundamentalist Christian president George Bush fucking you guys over with military problems and decadence?

"Multi-culturalism......... A nation of tribes."

Oh no tolerance help us. You fucks don't get it- your religion was founded by a liberal jew. Your people came from sections of europe. Your people forcefully introduced black people as slaves. The USA was already a nation of tribes before you got there too: Cherokee, Lipan, Apache, Comanche, Blackfeet...

"Euthanasia.....ie : Terri Shiavo"

You're still going on about that? Schiavo had no mind left! She couldn't feel anything, she couldn't register her surroundings. She was braindead. Her organs could be kept alive. That's all she was, a living set of organs. Again, this is a choice issue that is either up to the family (ie. parents) or in some form of evidence written by the person (say for example, in a will).


Lolcopters. Again, it's a choice. You either watch it or you don't, nobody will force pornography on you. Besides, people will still make home made pornography anyway, so keep out of it you little prude.


Okay, I've never been able to understand this one. You mean to say that you support the "every man for himself" mentality, rather than the whole "help others like the good samaritan" idea? I thought your bible had a few words about that one.

"Oppressive taxation"

... What? Oppresive taxation on who?! The taxes over in the US are bloody ridiculous, yet you'll still defame socialists or liberals over taxes they haven't made? Dubya slammed you guys into a 9.5 trillion dollar debt and your economy is failing!

"Welfare for the able-bodies"

So the disabled, elderly and poverty stricken deserve nothing, but healthy people should get it all? Fuck off.

"needle exchange programs for drug abusers"

Now that's touching a major nerve for me. My brother was a hard drug user, but he got out of it (thank FSM). Needle exchange programs will at least remedy the spread of Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS (Oh, did I tell you it's not just a gay disease? It's also a disease that could affect... *gasp* every human on the planet!), and they also offer testing for said diseases. I don't agree that we should encourage drugs, but I think we should encourage good health by stopping the flow of a disease.

"Muslims, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wiccans.....but have hatred toward Christians"

No, we just don't like the dicks that represent Christianity. We don't like the hubricious and ignorant types. And it goes for every other religion that does it. You guys just have a very bad habit of doing it a lot more often than Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Wiccan folk. Need I prove to you such organisations as American Family Association (who don't really go pro family at all, it's just another name to defend their anti gay stances), Salt Shakers (or more affecionately, The SS) and Exodus International? You guys are really pushy, and we want to remind you that your bible is not all correct. Also treaty of tripoli, bitch.

"Oppose War....even if it meant our own destruction. But care more about how we are liked globally."

War is really disgusting. How would you like it if someone burst into your room for no reason and either forced you into a POW camp, or shot you in front of your family? And I'm really, REALLY sick of people like you who think it is "U.S.A and the rest of the world". Take a page from France, who provides free healthcare and the best medical services to their people. Take a page from Switzerland, who live neutrally and are thriving economically as a country. These two countries are not going to war and are generally favoured by the world as culturally rich nations. They have histories, languages and diversity. They don't go to war for oil, like your dumbass president has.

"Global Warming.......21,000 Scientists worldwide disagree"

You just pulled numbers out of your ass, didn't you? Link some evidence, please.


"Environmental treaties that would destroy the U.S. economy.......but exempt China. ie: The Kyoto protocol."

The U.S economy has been destroyed by your government spending too much on the war for oil, as well as oil prices soaring. Kyoto protocol applies to all nations who sign up to it. Next.

"Condoms on cucumbers....public school sex ed."

Oh no, sex education. Get this: In states that have abstinence only sex education, teen pregnancies have increased. Teenagers will rebel and they will sneak behind their parents backs, regardless of whether or not you want them to. Comprehensive sex ed teaches kids about diseases, pregnancy and safe sex, something you lot cannot seem to comprehend.


"Obama, even after knowing his associations with known terrorists. ie: Ayers and Dorhn"

*headdesk*. Obama is black and Christian. Please stop with the racist comments about him being an muslim terrorist. He ate bacon, "halal" by islamic standards. I know you guys are shouting deep down "he's black! keep darkie down!", so quit trying to fool us. We know better.

"But, demand any Republican be removed from office with even the slightest contact with anyone they don't approve of."

Evidence, please? I don't recall any liberal group rushing in to remove some guy from the senate.

"Overlook voter fraud, except when it is on the other side."

Worked for George Bush when he got his brother to fix the votes in Florida.



"Fairness doctrine: Air America failed because no one wants to hear emotional whining so they want to penalize conservative talk radio and force the broadcasters to employ liberal views."

Evidence, please. And why are Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly still on? If they want to cut conservative media wouldn't they be the natural targets?

"Radical Islam just because they hate George Bush."

We don't support any religion. We generally don't like George Bush though, so you earn half a point for that one. How could we like someone who has clearly failed as a president?




Why not? All people are the same, you idiot. There's only one race: the human race. Colour only reaches as far as the epidermis, a 0.3 mm layer of skin. Let them have equality for a change and quit being a racist fucktard.


Yes, lets not have equal rights at work. Lets not have some defend you when your job as a subway sandwich bitch is under threat by some greedy fucker wanting to fatten his pocket. You'll be yipping for the union then.

"Urban league"

You racist fuck.


Yes, let's increase the homeless rate. That always improves morale in a society. Worked for New Orleans, didn't it? Fucker.

"Trail Lawyers guild."

An organisation that defends the rights of everyone regardless of race and social class. Why didn't I see this coming...

Also, Trial. Not Trail. Dumbass.

"I could go on...... but I'm tired of typing."

So much bullshit in one day really affects a person...

UPDATE: He's emailed me back twice. I've been given no links or statistical evidence to back his claims.
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